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Eyal Machal
     SHALOM Everyone,

My name is Eyal Machal and I'm an authorized tour guide by the state of Israel ministry of tourism. I love my country, and as a nature loving and outdoorsy kinda guy, I invite you to explore the scenic roads, major sites of attraction, unique traditions, and true individuality of the land I love - the Land of Israel.

Born and raised in Israel, I have always been inspired by its sheer beauty. After many years of serving as an officer in the IDF (Israel Defense Force), upon my release in 1998, my deep connection to the land of Israel landed me a position as a tour guide, allowing me to share with tourists my love for this country.

I strive to provide each of my clients with the most enriching and memorable experience possible. My goal as a tour guide is to provide my clientele with specialized tours wholly tailored to exceed their expectations and match their individual interests.

I have always believed that traveling in a small group enables each individual to experience the Holy Land to the fullest. With our nonstop services and our undivided attention, we do our very best to provide our clients with both a unique and unforgettable experience. We strive to offer our customers a better understanding and a true feel for the spirit of Israel.

My colleagues and I (all "Made in Israel") look forward to provide you with an exciting, insightful and enriching experience in Israel. As a qualified and experienced tour guide, it would be my pleasure to guide friends and families through an enchanting trip to the holy land.

Best regards,
Eyal Machal
Eyal Machal
General manager 'Made In Israel'
Tourism Minister of Israel
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of Israel Ministry of Tourism

My family went to Israel this past spring and Eyal Machal was our guide.
He was perfectly suited to our temperament, giving us just enough information, and being very conscious of the children in the group and the need to keep them happy. More, when we discovered a coffee house that we loved, he kept the adults happy, incorporating a daily trip there into our agenda. His knowledge of history is amazing – and Israel probably has more history than almost any country in the world. more
Eyal Machal was our tour guide for this trip and he took us to see so many beautiful sites. We traveled to Masada and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Nazereth, Tzfat, and the Kineret. Eyal was not only an excellent tour guide, but was also very conscious of pleasing everyone on the trip. When in Jerusalem, he took us to see the Church of the Resurrection, and he was able to get us into a sold-out tour of the Western Wall, the caves underneath, as well as the Temple of the Rock, all of which was quite an experience. Everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to experience Jerusalem and it's many sides and more
Eyal Machal is a fantastic tour guide!
I had the opportunity to meet Eyal in 2008 when I participated in a Birthright Trip in Israel. Eyal is an unassuming person, who quietly inserts himself into the lives of those he tours. One of the first amazing qualities I noticed in Eyal during the 10 days I spent touring with him, was his ability to reach and inspire 40 young-adults with diverse backgrounds and personal affiliations with more