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In this 11 days tour we'll take you to the land, the landscape, the sites and the locations where Jesus based his ministry.

Join us as we follow the events of the Gospels in the context of their geographical location, it will help us clarifying the true nature of Jesus Christ.

From the Galilee and the sea of Gennes'aret to the Jordan river and Jerusalem, from mount Beatitudes and Capernaum to Mount Olives and Gethsemane church,

We'll walk in the footsteps of the man and the events
map of christian tour in Israel
11 day tour in the Holy Land : Christianity

Itinerary for Israel Trip: Each day of travel will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 18:00 p.m. at the hotel.

Day 1 Arrival Day
Guests will be picked up from Ben Gurion International Airport and transported to the Hotel.
At leisure.

Day 2 GalileeNazarethKfar KannaCapernaunMount BeatitudesTiberiasJordan River
We'll begin our journey by visiting the Galilee and the 'sea of Galilee'. We'll visit Nazareth and the holy Annunciation church. We'll continue to Kfar Kanna and visit the wedding church, the place of the first miracle. We'll ride to Kfar Nahom - Capernaum, Jesus main town in the Galilee and see a major discovery - a house which is claimed to be Saint Peter's house. We'll ride to Mount Beatitudes, visit the holy church and have a panoramic view over the entire 'sea of Galilee'. We'll eat lunch in a fish restaurant at the city of Tiberias and had to the site of Yardenit - the baptism site on the Jordan River.

Day 3 MegiddoMount TaborBet Shea'anCaesarea
We'll commence our day in the ancient city of Megiddo, also known in the Christian theology as Armageddon, the place of the last and final battle between Jesus and the antichrist. We'll proceed to mount Tabor, the place of the Transfiguration, and visit the holy church on top of the mountain. From mount Tabor there is a breathtaking view over the entire Jezreel valley and the lower Galilee. We'll continue to Bet Shea'an valley to visit the ancient Roman city of Bet Shea'an which has 6000 years of history. In the afternoon hours we'll drive to Caesarea the city of King Herod and the Christian Crusader for a beautiful tour among archaeological findings and the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 4 Tel Aviv
We'll begin our day by exploring the city of Tel Aviv, which is known as the first Hebrew city. We'll first visit Old Jaffa and then continue to the artistic neighborhood of Neve Zedek, the first jewish neighborhood outside of the walls of old Jaffa and the oldest neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Then, we will proceed to Rochelid Street and experience the beautiful Bauhaus Buildings. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to visit the Hall of Independence, the site where Israel was announced as an independent state. We'll continue to Shenkin Street, followed by the Hacarmel Market and on to the Kerem Hateymanim, otherwise known as the Vineyard of the Yemen People. At the end of the day, we will have the opportunity to stroll along the sea promenade of Tel Aviv and head back to the vehicle.

Day 5 BethlehemJerusalem
We'll start the day by visiting Bethlehem - the birth place of Jesus Christ. We'll continue to a panoramic spot from Mount Olives overlooking Jerusalem. We'll than decline from the top of mount olives and visit the holy church of Gethsemane. This area was a place of Olives Press (Hebrew:Geth) that produce by extraction the olive oil (Hebrew:Semane) when Jesus and his disciples customarily visited the place and the last place of his freedom before getting arrest by the Romans soldiers(Judas Kiss).here is the place of the Agony. We'll continue to the Jewish Quarter and visit the holy Western Wall and The Western Wall Tunnels. We'll walk through the Via Dolorosa - the Way of Grief to the Holy Sepulcher Church and end our day with the Crucifixion, the Burial and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Day 6 Jerusalem
We'll start our day in Mount Zion and visit the important and holy sites on top of the mountain: Kind David tomb, the last supper room of Jesus and his apostles, the Dormition church and St' Peter in Gallicauntu Church. We'll descend along the Old City Wall towards Dung Gate and the City of David. We'll explore the city and reach Hezekiah's tunnel. Following our adventure in the tunnel during noon hours we'll have the chance to visit on top of Temple Mount and see the Golden Dome for up close.

Day 7 At leisure.

Day 8 Jerusalem
We'll commence our day at Jaffa gate and enter the old city from the west. We'll take the Ramparts walk from Jaffa gate to Damascus gate to visit Zedekiah's Cave which was the main quarry of Jerusalem during the ancient periods. We'll walk back to Damascus gate and enter the old city again but this time from the north. We'll walk along the Cardo - Jerusalem main street during the Roman period and on to our next site Davidson exploration museum. We'll explore the south side of Temple Mount and end our tour in the old city at Dung gate at the south side of the old city. From here we'll drive to Israel museum to see the Dead sea scrolls and to visit the very fine galleries of the museum.

Day 9 Judean desertKomeranMasadaDead Sea
On this day we'll travel to the Judean desert and the Dead Sea. We'll start at a visit in the site of Komeran and try to answer the questions who were the Essense and how and if they were related to Jesus Christ. Afterwards we'll ride to Masada. We'll climb the mountain and learn the history behind this unique site. Following our visit in Masada we'll spend the afternoon hours at the Special and luxurious Dead Sea. In the evening, we'll travel back to the hotel.

Day 10 Ein KaremElah ValleyAbu Gush
We'll begin our day by visiting the city of Judah - Ein Karem, the place of Mary's visitation at her cousin Elisabeth. We'll visit the important church which commemorate the event and the church of St' John Ba Harim (in the mountains) which commemorate the birthplace of John the Baptist. From there We'll drive to one of the most famous battle Field s in the world - Elah Valley, the one that 'hosted' David and Goliath. We'll continue to the village of Abu Gush and enjoy fine traditional Arabic lunch and visit the local church named 'our lady of the Ark of the Covenant'.

Day 11 Departure day.
Guests will depart from the Hotel and be transported to Ben Gurion International Airport.