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   3 day tour in the Holy Land : Jerusalem

3 days tour in the holiest city of them all.
We'll begin our journey at the place where it all began some 4,000 years ago in the 'city of David'.
From there, as we moving ahead in time in chronological order, we'll explore the city and its surroundings while visiting the important sites for the 3 Monotheistic religions, to our present days.
Adventurous and enriches tour, above ground and underneath it, in the most unique city in the world

map of ancient city of Jerusalem
Itinerary for Israel Trip: Each day of travel will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 18:00 p.m. at the hotel.

Day 1 Surrounding The Old City
First Temple period, Davidic line-the House of David.
(10th-6th century B.C.)

Panoramic view: Commissioner's house promenade Mount Zion Tomb of King DavidCity of DavidHezekiah's TunnelJewish QuarterThe Western WallThe Broad WallZedekiah's CaveRamparts walk: Jaffa Gate to DamascusGate.sunset in bible land
We'll start our day by visiting the Commissioner's house promenade overlooking the City of David from the south.
We'll learn about the city borderlines and continue to visit the King's tomb on top of Mount Zion.
We'll descend along the Old City Wall towards Dung Gate and the City of David.
We'll excavate the city and reach Hezekiah's tunnel. Following our adventure in the tunnel we'll visit the Western Wall - the holiest site for Jews in the world.
We'll ascend to the center of the Jewish Quarter to see the 'Broad Wall' built by Hezekiah by the end of the 8 century B.C.
We'll continue to Jaffa Gate and take the Ramparts walk north east towards Damascus Gate to visit Zedekiah's Cave which was the main quarry of Jerusalem during the ancient periods. In the evening we'll drive back to the hotel.

  Via Dolorosa Dome of the Rock Orthodox Jews Etiopian Orthodox Church Day 2 The Old City
Second Temple period, Roman period, Byzantine period, Muslim period.
(6th century B.C.-8th century A.D.)

Panoramic view: Mount Olives Ramparts walk: Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate Jewish Quarter'The Herodian Quarter''The Burnt House'the Cardo Western Wall TunnelsThe Western Wall Temple MountDome of the Rock Via Dolorosa - the Way of the Grief The Holy Sepulchre Church.

We'll start our day by visiting Mount Olives overlooking the Old City from the east. We'll be able to see Temple Mount – the gigantic structure built by 'king Herod the great' in the 1st century B.C and on top of it the Dome of the Rock built by the Muslims in the 7th century A.D. We'll continue to Jaffa Gate and take the ramparts walk towards Zion Gate at the southern side of the Old City. We'll enter the Jewish Quarter and visit two museums: 'The Herodian Quarter' and 'The Burnt House' which tells the story of the destruction of the city in the end of second Temple era. We'll pass through the Cardo – the main street of Jerusalem during the Roman- Byzantine era and descent to the Western Wall plaza to visit the fascinating Western Wall Tunnels. At noon we'll visit on top of Temple Mount and see the Dome of the Rock from close up. After lunch we'll visit the beautiful and holy Sepulchre Church – the place of the Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Shuk Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem The Shuk in jerusalem Old city of Jerusalem landmark windmill in JerusalemJerusalem view Holyland Model of Jerusalem Day 3 The New City
Since the 19th century to the new Millennium.

Panoramic view: mount Scopus Zahal (I.D.F) SquareThe French CompoundJerusalem City HallThe Russian Compound'Haneveei'm street', the Prophets street: The Italian Hospital The Ethiopian ChurchTabor House'Bikur Holim' HospitalJaffa Street 'Mach'ne Yehuda' Market (the camp of Judah)'Nachlaot' Neighborhood 'Ben Yehuda' Promenade'Nachlat Shiva'a' neighborhoodMamila Mall Israel Museum: The Dead Sea ScrollsJerusalem during the second Temple Period model.

On this day we'll explore the new city since the late Ottomans period till our present days. The Turks took control over the land of Israel in the 16th century A.D and led by 'Suleiman the great' built the Old City surrounding walls. In the middle of the 19th century Jerusalem began to Develop outside the walls led by the the Europeans empires which bought lands and territories west to the old city, smelling the upcoming fall of the 'sick man on the Bosporus'. On this day will follow the development of Jerusalem outside its walls. We'll start from Jerusalem City Hall and walk along 'shivtey Israel' - 'the tribes of Israel Street' and 'Haneveei'm' - 'the Prophets Street' and look at the new structures of Jerusalem built by the Europeans empires. We'll continue to 'Mach'ne Yehuda' Market - then and today a Jewish neighborhood and the main market of the modern city and the beating heart of it. We'll than continue through the Jewish neighborhoods that were establish in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th - 'Nachlaot'. We'll end our city tour in the most modern 'Mamila' open mall. During the afternoon hours we'll visit the Israel Museum and enjoy fine art and interesting archeology.