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In this 11 days tour we'll take you to the origins of the Jewish religion and Israel.

The word "Israel" has few meanings: the name "Israel" was given to the patriarch Jacob after he successfully wrestled with the angel of god.
The 12 sons of Israel became the ancestors of the Israel nation and the Jewish people, and the land of Canaan became the land of Israel in the 13 century and a home land to the nation.

This home land became officially the 'state of Israel' in the 'declaration of Independent' on 14/5/1948 by David Ben-Gurion
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11 day tour in the Holy Land : Judaism

Itinerary for Israel Trip: Each day of travel will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 18:00 p.m. at the hotel.

Day 1 Arrival Day
Guests will be picked up from Ben Gurion International Airport and transported to the Hotel.
At leisure.

Day 2 ZfatMeronBet Sharim
We'll begin our journey in Israel in the Galilee and at the holy city of Zfat. We'll visit the holy synagogues of the city and visit the beautiful artists quarter. From Zfat We'll ride to Meron, the place of the tomb of Rabi Shimon Bar Yohay-RASHBI, a famous sage and a leader of the Jewish people during the second century A.D and the proponent of the Kabbalah-the Jewish esoteric mysticism. We'll continue to a nearby winery to taste and smell the grapes of the Galilee. After lunch we'll make our way to Bet Sharim, the holy Jewish nakropolice city of the ancient period of the 'Mishnah' and the 'Talmod'.

Day 3 TiberiusBelvoirBeit Shea'anMegiddo
We'll commence our day at the holy Jewish city Tiberius. We'll tour along the main sites of the city including the synagogue Tree of Life, tombs of Righteous such as Maimonides, Rabi Meir and Rabi Akiva, Dona Gracia compound and more.
We'll continue to the ancient French crusader fortress of Belvoir, the best-preserved Crusader fortress in Israel. We'll proceed to Beit Shea'an, the ancient Roman Byzantine city with its magnificent remains from that time. In the afternoon hours we'll visit the important site of Megiddo and learn about the biblical kingdom of Israel.

Day 4 CaesareaHaifaEin Hodzihron Ya'acovRamat Hanadiv
We'll start our day in Caesarea, the town of King Herod and the Christian Crusaders and tour the ancient city. We'll continue to the surroundings of Mount Carmel and the city of Haifa and witness the Beautiful Baha'i gardens. After lunch we'll visit the The artists village of Ein Hod and enjoy fine Israeli art. during noon hours we'll visit the Pastoral town of zihron Ya'acov which represents the beginning of the vast immigration waves of Jews from Europe who came back to build their home land. At the afternoon we'll visit the amazing Family grave of the 'famous philanthropist' and his wife at Ramat Hanadiv.

Day 5 Tel Aviv
We'll begin our day by exploring the city of Tel Aviv, which is known as the first Hebrew city. We will first visit Old Jaffa and then continue to the artistic neighborhood of Neve Zedek, the first jewish neighborhood outside of the walls of old Jaffa and the oldest neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Then, we will proceed to Rochelid Street and experience the beautiful Baho House Buildings. Additionally, we will also have the opportunity to visit the Hall of Independence, the site where Israel was announced as an independent state. We will then continue to Shenkin Street, followed by the Hacarmel Market and then on to the Kerem Hateymanim, otherwise known as the Vineyard of the Yemen People. At the end of the day, we will have the opportunity to stroll along the sea promenade of Tel Aviv and then head back to the vehicle.

Day 6 Jerusalem
We'll start at a panoramic spot from Mount Scopus overlooking Jerusalem and learn about the topography and the historical borders of the city. We'll proceed through Jaffa gate, one of the major gates of the ancient wall of Jerusalem, and into the old city and the Jewish quarter. We'll visit the important sites in the Jewish quarter: the broad wall, the Cardo, the monument for the Jewish quarter defenders, the 'Horva' synagogue and the Western wall - the holiest place in the world for the Jewish people. We'll continue to Mount Zion and visit the holy tomb of King David. Following lunch we'll drive to mount Herzl and visit the national memorial and cemetery of Israel. Following the visit We'll walk towards Yad Vashem (a memorial and a name) - The holocaust memorial site to a visit in the museum.

Day 7 At leisure

Day 8 Jerusalem
We'll begin our day by visiting the 'city of David' - Jerusalem during king David rule (1000 bce) and we'll have the opportunity to walk in a 2800 years old cave - 'Hesekiah tunnel'. Following lunch we'll drive to the Israel museum and visit the new museum, the unique section of the Dead Sea scrolls and see the model of Jerusalem during the second temple period. In the afternoon we'll drive to the main market of the city - 'Machne Yehoda' (the camp of Judah) for some shopping.

Day 9 Judean desert Ein GediMasadaDead Sea.
On this day we'll travel to the Judean desert and the Dead Sea. We'll start at a visit in the beautiful nature reserve of Ein Gedi oasis. We'll hike in the reserve, see the Ibex and learn about the biblical history of the place. Afterwards we'll ride to Masada. We'll climb the mountain and learn the history behind this unique site. Following our visit in Masada we'll spend the afternoon hours at the Special and luxurious Dead Sea. In the evening, we'll travel back to the hotel.

Day 10 Bet GovrinElah ValleyLatrun'Ayalon institute'
We'll commence our day at the archeological site of Bet Govrin when we'll have the chance of participating in an actual dig. We'll continue to one of the most famous battle Field's in the world - Elah Valley, the one that 'hosted' David and Goliath. We'll drive to Latrun to see the Armed Corpus museum and learn about the history of the site and the history of the IDF. We'll proceed to 'Ayalon institute' to listen and look at the amazing story and remains from the place that function as a secret factory for ammunition during Independent war.

Day 11 Departure Day.
Guests will depart from the Hotel and be transported to Ben Gurion International Airport.