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  Eyal Machal was our guide on our trip to Israel on June 2-12. Eyal was everything we had hoped for in a guide. He was warm and friendly making us feel comfortable the moment we met him. But it was his deep passion and extensive knowledge about Israel that impressed us all the most.

Eyal was extremely knowledgeable and freely shared his facts with us on every stop we made. As we transversed the beautiful country, he shared many stories and historical accounts of places we passed making every moment a treasured one.

When we wanted to veer off our original itinerary, it was no problem for Eyal. He was eager to take us where we wanted to go and to teach all we could take in and clearly wanted us to enjoy our vacation.

I would highly recommend Eyal as a guide for families or groups who want to get a young person's perspective. We looked forward to seeing him every day and were all sad when it was time to say good bye.

Cheryl Miller

  To whom it may concern,

My family and I were all born in Israel, moved to The States over 20 years ago, but have visited yearly since I was just a little kid. Since most of our trips have always involved seeing lots of family and visiting friends, we never really got the chance to experience Israel to the fullest. Last year, my family and I made a trip to Israel for a relatives wedding, and this time we were given the chance to actually tour Israel. We traveled with a mixed group, some being Jewish and others being Catholic.

Eyal Machal was our tour guide for this trip and he took us to see so many beautiful sites. We traveled to Masada and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Nazereth, Tzfat, and the Kineret. Eyal was not only an excellent tour guide, but was also very conscious of pleasing everyone on the trip. When in Jerusalem, he took us to see the Church of the Resurrection, and he was able to get us into a sold-out tour of the Western Wall, the caves underneath, as well as the Temple of the Rock, all of which was quite an experience. Everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to experience Jerusalem and it's many sides and religions.

Eyal is a very thoughtful and thought-provoking tour guide. He was very knowledgeable on Israeli culture and history, and was very aware of his diverse group members. Furthermore, Eyal was very easy going and a joy to travel with. He took us to the traditional tourist sites, and made great recommendations for authentic restaurants. I think we had the best Falafel in the world in Nazareth. I would not have wanted to do this trip with any other tour guide, and I believe everyone in my family would agree! We have the utmost respect for Eyal, his passion, knowledge, his easy going attitude, laid back, fun, and creative personality and we highly recommend him to everyone planning a trip to Israel in the near future!

The Castel Family
Boston Massachusetts

  Eyal Machal is a fantastic tour guide!

I had the opportunity to meet Eyal in 2008 when I participated in a Birthright Trip in Israel. Eyal is an unassuming person, who quietly inserts himself into the lives of those he tours. One of the first amazing qualities I noticed in Eyal during the 10 days I spent touring with him, was his ability to reach and inspire 40 young-adults with diverse backgrounds and personal affiliations with Israel. On our trip we had children of Israeli ex-pats who had spent every summer in Israel visiting family to those who had very little understanding of the history of Israel. Eyal was able to seamlessly discuss Israel in a way that engaged those who had previous relationships with Israel while educating those who had less experience.

Eyal's knowledge of Israeli history, culture, religion, art, music, food and wine can be described in no other way than extremely impressive and comprehensive. He is able to relate to people young and old alike, and engage them in an exploration of the country in ways that I never thought possible. He never leaves any question unanswered, and is constantly refreshing his own knowledge.

Beyond his talent as a tour guide, one of the greatest things I have to say about Eyal is his dedication to people, a dedication that extends long after he has completed his work as a tour guide. I was so thrilled to stay in touch with Eyal after I returned from Israel. I am proud to call Eyal my friend. He not only stays in touch with me by email, he calls me to catch up and offer advice. When I found myself in Israel a few months ago, he went out of his way to come to see me, not once, but twice in ten days. Hearing that I was traveling around Israel alone, Eyal insisted that he come to visit with some of his friends to show me the real Tel Aviv. Had he not come to visit in Tel Aviv, my trip certainly would have been less special.

Eyal eagerness to please his clients and friends is a quality that I admire. I can whole-heartedly recommend him as a tour guide, and what is more, a friend.

Marianna sackler
New York


My family went to Israel this past spring and Eyal Machal was our guide.

He was perfectly suited to our temperament, giving us just enough information, and being very conscious of the children in the group and the need to keep them happy. More, when we discovered a coffee house that we loved, he kept the adults happy, incorporating a daily trip there into our agenda.
His knowledge of history is amazing – and Israel probably has more history than almost any country in the world. A guide has to know the various ages of ancient history, all of the Bible stories and that history, and then the history of the Jewish state, the 20th century wars and current events – history in Israel is still taking place.
He talked about the customs and culture and took us to some places for authentic food and other experiences.
He answered every question with patience and a sense of humor He kept us on a schedule without us feeling rushed, and we still packed a lot in. He did all of this while also serving as the driver – we were all taken care of.

I would highly recommend him.
We hope to return and would hire Eyal as our guide again!

Sharon .K.
New York, NY USA

  Hello Eyal,

Thanks again for a wonderful day yesterday. We both thoroughly enjoyed the day and appreciated your extra effort to make the day full and pleasurable.

We spent a relaxing day today with the only major activity a swim in the Med.

Thanks again,

Pamela & Wayne
Nova Scotia, Canada

  We wanted to be sure and let you know what a fantastic time we had in Israel! From the moment we arrived, we already knew that we couldn't wait to visit again.

All of the arrangements were perfect. David gave us a warm welcome at the airport. The taxi driver was wonderful. Evelyn gave us a beautiful send off. All of the accommodations were superb! The food was outstanding. Everything was timed perfectly. We thoroughly enjoyed every single activity and site. The Israeli people were so friendly. We felt right at home. We were happily exhausted at the end of each and every day.

And of course, our tour guide, Eyal Mahal was outstanding. His knowledge of history, geography and local information was tremendous. He had an excellent style of communicating an incredible amount of information to us. He was energetic and relaxed at the same time. He was a true gentleman and really made the trip fun for all three of us. He even found a few extra things for us to do, based upon his findings about our interests. And his local restaurant recommendations were terrific! It was very touching when he had our son Jeff ready passages from the bible which related to the sites we were standing before. Eyal was ready for us each day with genuine enthusiasm.

The number one question from our friends and family upon our return was, "What one thing stands out the most about your trip -- What was your favorite?" It's an impossible question-- we loved it all. Every minute and every detail. We can easily and whole heartedly recommend everything about this trip to our friends. Thank you for arranging such a memorable experience for us.

All the best, Debbie, Dave and Jeffrey Sagurton